Kurs 32311

General English - Streamline    Refresher Class B2

Recapture that feeling of total confidence by updating the  skills learned in your good old school days or at your local adult education centre. Our English skills update class is completed in two parts- classroom study and "pool review" at home.There are three main resistances caused by drag on an English language swimmer which are caused from friction, form, and wave-making forces. This is a supplementary course to our Natural English class meant to turn you into a streamlined English learner and increase your velocity, aesthetically pleasing to the English eye. Just log in and have a go.

Kurs: Natural English in the morning B2

Wo: VHS Roth, Seckendorfffschloss, Zi. 24

Wann: Donnerstag, 25.09.2014, 8.30-10.30
15 Wochen

Link zur VHS Roth: www.vhs-roth.de
Schlagworte: VHS Roth, #Sprachen, # Freelearning, e-learning, Blended Learning
Programmbereich: #Sprachen, #English Refresher, #Englisch Mittelstufe
Dozentin: Heike Roscher M.A.
Kursbereich: Volkshochschulen/Roth