Campaign –English for the military -Level 2

English for military purposes, designed to meet the English language needs of military personnel who contribute to international operations, including peacekeeping, humanitarian assistance and training exercise in a variety of international contexts (including the US, the UK, NATO and the UN). This supplementary class will provide a functional and lexical syllabus with traditional methodology, reflecting the needs of learners who will use English in military and peacekeeping operations. All language is immediately transferable to real-life situations. Additional focus will be laid on English for law enforcement designed to meet the needs of law enforcement personnel, from custom officers to gendarmes to police.

• New Orders

• Military Service

• Humanitarian Assistance

• Boots on the Ground

• Leaders and Leadership

• Exercise Gallant Eagle

• Media Operations

• Royal Engineers

• Desert Storm

• Working Group

• Special Air Service

Wann: Herbst-/Wintersemester 2014/2015 nach Vereinbarung (Kontaktieren Sie die VHS)
Kursdauer: ad lib
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Dozentin: Heike Roscher M.A.
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